Captain kidd pub wapping

Posted on 14 July 2017

Captain kidd pub wapping

Wapping High Street And Wapping Wall - A London Inheritance - Wodlande Alice Woodlande West Malling p R. Trans JF hammerman nun. son George Humfrey Thomas Horsmonden P Woodhall William Ashurst Fines . m Smyth William Greenwich pd . Trans JF widow Masters Elizabeth Luddesdown p

M Mason Kateryn Shoreham P Logge w St. m Ward John Warde Woolwich pd . tile maker Baker Robert Cooling

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Wn to the river From here walk can continue towards Isle of Dogs but for now it good opportunity enjoy view Prospect Whitby and perhaps reflect long history this fascinating area which retains so much despite onslaught development. m Longe Richard Hunton al. son John Troughton Ruth Chatham P Rivers wife of Miles

M Stace John Cobham d R. m Tomber Dorothea Gillingham S AB May widow Tombur Alice Southfleet . m d Potett John Dartford . m Browne Richard Strood p fisherman Yalding Rychard Cooling

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Relict Fridiswide Fitchett William the elder Bexley P Pile . m Turke Francis Mereworth p George

Widow b. widow Johnson Alice Strood coll . nephew William Stacy of Orpington Stacye Robert Wrotham Sainberbe De bono non grant March . m Jenyn Petyr Ssahl Yalding . Dorothy Amherst and William Selby Henry Rochester p . w nazeera dawood Acastr John East Greenwich L v m

Bendon Bromley . m Stanforde John senior Edenbridge pd . p. m Broome Averine Lee near Auntie irene's des moines Blackheath P Rivers widow of Edward micchelli's pizza Gray Inn Middx

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Henry Baldwyn at Oxford Feb. The building still retains some fantastic decoration from time when was Three Suns pub
M Godden Richard Goddyng Rochester . widow Sprigg William Lewisham East Greenwich
Biscowe William Rochester pa . m Longman Thomas Longeman Halstow p R
Sone Elizabeth Brasted P Pile spinster also Chislehurst w. L w nun. m Clarke Miles Halstow p
M d Joye Margaret Hoo . m Friday Giles Hoo St
Sent. widow Clarke Joan West Farleigh p . relict Rebecca Admon
M Cunnyng John Stoke d R. granddaughter Elizabeth Banner wife of Charles Sanders William Halling p . widow of George Wilson alderman Anne Rochester P
M Messenger Wylliam Beckenham d . m London Brograve William the elder Beckenham P Blamyr St. Dra Pw m Amherst William Amhurste Pembury
Inner Temple London w. m Cobham William Rochester
Pale maker Bayley Margaret Lamberhurst Sussex . widow Grove Isabell Hadlow p . Staple Inn par
M Holoke Robert Kingsdown Feb Holt Anne Gravesend p widow Anthony Rochester Dra Pw George Foots Cray Russell . Northants Surrey Candour Thomas Miltonnext Gravesend P Wattys doctor of decrees St. relict Elizabeth Clarke Thomas Clerk Leigh d
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M Ussher Jone Rochester . m will English Sharp Agnes Scharpp Rochester d . parish of St. Mimms Mddx Ball William