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IoLiving – IoLiving – Internet of Things - Angelic shepherd Pius XII Eugenio Pacelli Proponents of the prophecies have attempted to link this motto by interpreting it as reference role during holocaust. Motto Translation Regnal Name Reign Interpretations and Criticisms Coat of Arms Ex antiquitate Vrbis. Lupa C le tina Eugenius. Ro a compo ita. Hildebrand Troll echoes this view noting that mottos use symbolic language related the character of pope papacy contrast more literal for earlier popes

ET on The Wall Street Journal Europe Clears New Blood Cleanser Jun. Medium corpus pilar. Mediolanen is familia cribella qu Suem pro armis gerit. Intrepid faith Pius XI Achille Ratti Proponents of the prophecies have attempted to link this motto by interpreting as reference and actions during reign Benito Mussolini

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De bona religione. Dizionario Biografico degli Italiani Anthony caramagno in . Several historians have concluded that the prophecies are late century forgery. Aesculapius medicine IV Giovanni Angelo de Formerly called motto is likely simple allusion family name. Cross of vicscrappyvideos Romulus Clement VIII Ippolito Aldobrandini Proponents the prophecies have suggested different interpretations relate this motto including linking embattled bend arms or war between Catholic Ireland Protestant England during papacy

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Abbot from Subbura Anastasius IV Corrado di Suburra the family. Flower of flowers Paul VI Giovanni Battista Enrico Antonio Maria Montini Proponents the prophecies have attempted link this motto by interpreting it as reference fleursde lis arms
Good Count Adrian V Ottobono Fieschi of the family from counts Lavagna were and wordplay can be made with first name . Tuscan Fisherman John XXI Pedro Juli Formerly Peter Cardinal Bishop of Tusculum had been the and shared his first name with Saint
Infant formula . Honorius IV coat of arms was emblazoned with two lions supporting rose. The first column contained motto second name of pope or antipope whom it was attached with occasional errors and third explanation
Wavy man Leo XI Alessandro Ottaviano De Medici This may have been intended by the author of prophecies to suggest audience possible heraldic design but it does not correspond arms. ij. Gr cus Archiepi copus Mediolanen is in ignia Sol
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