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Posted on 2 April 2017

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Bing: logo mbfm language:en - These lamps can be used for illuminated entry. Use the ORVM L selector switch Left Right side exterior mirror respectively. Excessive steering will result less vehicle control. Make sure the jack is positioned level and solid place. Check with your fuel retailer for details. Callout F H Tyre speed rating or symbol

Hazard Warning Flashers The button is located central bezel switch bank. Bottle and Umbrella Holder holders are located on both the front door lower trims. You could be hit by an oncoming vehicle. Bookmark added to my manuals Sign In Log out Upload Toggle navigation Download ShareShare Url of this page HTML Link Mahindra XUV manualslib Delete from will be automatically Print pagePrint Brands Automobile Owner Hide thumbs Also See for pagesUser pagesQuick start Table Contents Go Introduction General Safety Information Instructi

Mahindra Owners Manual - Mahindra - With You Hamesha

NOTICE In the event of vehicle starting with correct key switch off ignition for minimum minute and attempt to again. Press the lock button for more than sec. Lights Make sure the headlights stop tail turn signal and other are all working

Mahindra Dealer. NOTICE If there is reduction in RKE range please follow steps below Check distance may too far from vehicle. The ORVM adjustment switch adjusts selected in required direction. When mixed with compressed air or certain other refrigerants may form flammable mixture. Keep both hands especially your thumbs on the outside of steering wheel rim. WARNING To avoid serious injury do not sit on or place objects folded seat back while the vehicle is moving


As result you may find some explanations for equipment not installed your vehicle. Page Alphabetical Index After Driving Offroad or through Water

After about two seconds as self check confirming normal operations of airbag system and malfunction lamp. Do not add water directly. It Www census gov main www popclock html is located in the luggage compartment LH trim area behind shovlin mattress factory prices third row seats. To tilt adjust the steering wheel Pull lever down unlock. By rotating the dial and setting it to extreme left position cool air is discharged

CAUTION Driving vehicle with power steering fluid below minimum mark will damage system. Page Instrument Panel Illumination Trying to connect input device while following lighting driving may Pihost distract your attention and lead accidents. Contact an Authorized Mahindra freecycle gwynedd Dealer. The lamp goes OFF when all doors are closed properly

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How Does the Stop Start System Work Let take simple example of driving traffic conditions within your city. Have the bulb replaced Airbag Warning Lamp For about seconds Continuously Indicates malfunction of system. Side View
Page slightly revved up with your foot on the accelerator. When the vehicle is successfully locked and armed using RKE hazard lamps flash once. If the vehicle still does not start contact an Authorized Mahindra Dealer
Only Smart key transmitters programmed to your vehicle electronics can be used for remote locking and unlocking of . Run it for at least ten minutes with the engine running normal operating temperature
Page arrow on the inner fixed stalk as shown. Hill Hold Control HHC if equipped
Weight Sr. Always align top of the head restraint with your or as close possible. Seats Check that all controls such as adjusters back recliner etc
Pull or push the steering wheel to desired position. The dull finish this area helps protect driver from undesirable windshield reflection Do not use household or glass cleaners these may damage of instrument panel interior trim and cluster lens If staining liquid like coffee juice has been spilled surfaces follows Wipe up using white cotton cloth Apply Vinyl wiped spread around evenly press onto soiled allow set at room temperature for minutes Remove soaked badly with rubbing motion seconds Following dry
Always make sure all the wheel nuts are properly securely tightened to specified torque. General Safety Information and Instructions WARNING Failure to follow the warnings provided this manual could result of vehicle accident serious personal injury. Discuss additional charges with the service manager
Radial Ply Tires WARNING Combining with other types of on your vehicle will cause to handle poorly resulting accident personal injury. Wheel Nut Loosening Always the nuts before raising vehicle. pos vf null for t div return gc var function if document h yle
The lower glove box is illuminated automatically when it opened and light turns OFF closed. kmph
Page Bulb Replacement Insert the connector into new of same wattage and follow reverse procedure assemble assembly headlight Clamp by wire properly Copyright Mahindra Ltd. Consult your doctor for specific recommendations before travel
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WHEELS AND TYRES. To close the hood follow below steps Slowly lower In variants equipped with stay rod remove supporting by slightly lifting Bring near its selfopening closing position Now push and ensure primary latch is engaged Before driving off check locked properly fully NOTICE Bonnet Hazard When vehicle unlock condition lamps flash continuously alert user that cluster telltale also flashes stopping warning do any one following Press button TWICE Change turn signal stalk Drive kmph. WB Copyright Mahindra and Ltd